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Take a look at the history of man kind.

Why is she moe as fuck? He's my favorite way to terrorize Giant Bomb's own server: Further more, if it's your own server, or server that allows those kinds of sprays, you might as well line every inch of wall in your spawn room with gore and CP and you still won't be banned or anything, Yadadadadadadada Yadadadadadadadadudodavaidadadadada Kaaboom Kaaboom.

My missus changed it one day, never bothered changing it back. Aussies get ya tits out. As well they should. Sexy tf2 spray. Mmmslash Follow Forum Posts: I have so many uses for Police Sketch Jeff, it's no longer funny. Tvvv User Page Gallery Journals. It's saying "hey look i kick ass, and i look good doing it, so you don't have to look like shit to do good in the world ladies, because we are good enough to do it all".

I think TF2 has academic problems like the characters really only being accessible to American sensibilities about broad stereotypes of other nations, but I don't really care about those because the game isn't about that, it's about being the best, most well balanced, and generally most enjoyable FPS around. Pyro looks like a sack of sentient animated potatoes.

There's a ton of "sexy women" sprays, a little bit of gore, then there's those trolls who just spray meatspins or homosexual sprays. I know how self sickness due to depression ends up working. If this is your spray on TF2 You are the problem. Amateur milf in stockings. I don't deny that what you're saying is how things are now, but I think our disconnect is that I'm more interested in how it should be.

How do I see my pictures in TF2 to use as a spray? There are no womanly curves on that motherfucker. Compare the original TF2 line-up with thisfor example. Personally, I've seen all kinds of horrible nightmarish sprays on TF2 on a lot of servers and they don't seem to bat an eyelash about it. Anyway, I use that kind of sprays. When you're far away from someone, you can look at them and instantly know what you're up against.

Sexy tf2 spray

Do girls like Zelda games? Please Log In to post. Oh my fucking god. Rolyatkcinmai Follow Forum Posts: By saying, look, you don't need to be a manly to be strong, you can retain your femininity if you choose to. But for people like us, who recognize the potential of electronic media to be the ONE place where all people who face prejudices in their lives to be on totally equal footing with everyone else, it's a completely reasonable complaint.

Fenchurch User Page Gallery Journals. Cloudenvy Follow Forum Posts: The TF2 community is comprised almost entirely out of privately owned servers. You say sexy female characters in video games are degrading?

BurningHunter Follow Forum Posts: Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

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Depends on how I'm feeling that day. I'd be banned pretty much instantly if I posted my spray here. Mature women tumblrs. My name in game is compLy roLy. Octaslash Follow Forum Posts: Humans are sex crazed sex machines.

When I went into work today, one of my coworkers had created a TF2 background theme for my computer as a gesture of goodwill, and among the odd pictures it cycled through was this one and like 3 other sexy genderswap tf2 lineups. Bring back the main forum list. Yeah i have it set with high quality and such. I think our points are different, because what I'm saying is that sexy and strong women are empowering when your saying they are hindering.

It doesn't target their demographic. If you mean some action on Valve's part, like "VAC bans" or anything affecting your game beyond the server you're currently playing on - then no, absolutely not. I don't know if it will help but if you want to note me or what have you you could let something off your chest. Oh god, I can't even begin to imagine how fucking terrible it would be to wear this. Doha escort massage. Sexy tf2 spray. Well, it's completely up to the server admins. That reminds me, I need to install sprays again.

I used to have issues with my own, as it was shutting down the graphic card and was causing me nightmares. If you've played Gears of War 2, look at how all the male Gears are giant ugly stacks of hamburger with scars all over them from fighting, and the one female is thin and pretty with perfect skin, yet she has been through the same untold years of battle.

Log In Sign Up. Heavy will surely have a heart attack from her XD. Again, because that's what sells. Sofia boutella naked pics. They have different faces and hair styles and everything, but if actual rigs based on them were used in-game, you wouldn't know who you were aiming at. It's a picture of a cartoon condom wrapper. It says UBER on it. That is yet another example of sexy. The art may technically be good, but the designs are so lazy to me, especially when so much effort goes into making the dude characters so different and original.

How do people not get this? Oh, by the way, I know that you can convert to a VTF [valve texture file] to get less compression loss with transparency, if I recall correctly. Any problems you'll have because of that spray would be on a server-by-server basis depending on the rules those privately owned servers have.

I'm not saying you can't make attractive girls, but that's all that ever happens. You're coming at this from a "pragmatic" angle, and that's problematic. Sexy medic she makes. I was talking about the way fanartists tend to just tend to just got the generic attractive route when creating sexswapped works. I will concede that there are overly sexual guys on the internet, i have played Counter Strike after all.

This is illegal and will get the attention of law enforcement. Beautiful work, especially on the expression.

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I never had to seach it. Fernin User Page Gallery Journals. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Not all video games are explicitly for young men, and not all video games for young men have sexy women in them. If they are super uptight, you'll probably get banned right away; if not, you'll be banned if you keep spraying them after being repeated asked not to. They have to ask? Fenoxo User Page Gallery Journals.

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It's been batmanbatmanbatman since the first night that was a thing. Scream Fortress X has arrived! Due to being closer to it to have to spray it, it shows much larger than x initially, n id have to step a good distance back to view it at the actual x size. Nude pictures of the girl next door. Sexy tf2 spray. I stated that if someone was offended, they could report you to the authorities if the violation was severe enough read: As for this spray, Ask who made it, give it about 3 seconds of thought and i'm sure you're smart enough to come up with "15 year old boy".

If they didn't, is it possible to get banned by sprays at all? Fenoxo User Page Gallery Journals. MordeaniisChaos Follow Forum Posts: I have so many uses for Police Sketch Jeff, it's no longer funny. Group naked girls video I'd be banned pretty much instantly if I posted my spray here. Beautiful work, especially on the expression.

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